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Ignite your soul with a space that speaks to you!

Hi and welcome to Rachel Clark Designs! I am a mother, wife, and lover of interior design. I have been designing spaces for over 15 years and I am grateful for the opportunity to manage my own business doing something I'm passionate about. During my younger days I was often told how "social" I was. It has worked out well for me as I love building genuine relationships with clients and having fun during the design process!

A home should be all the things that bring you comfort and joy. As a modern traditionalist I enjoy creating spaces for clients that lean toward a classic, timeless look with modern accents. I believe a collected look with old and new allows for a refined sophistication and juxtaposition.

Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark

Overall, I gravitate towards a classic, timeless aesthetic with modern influences. Whether it’s a Regency style antique or a vintage modern piece of furniture, I like to mix the two styles together to create a “collected” feel with a strain between them.

About Rachel

Modern Traditionalist

As long as I can remember I have loved fashion and design. My mother always kept herself and our home styled. Our home was cozy with her creative talent throughout. It was always put together, clean and organized. I remember hearing visitors to our home complimenting my mom on her decorating skills and asking for advice. The smell of her cooking added to the comfort of "home."

I work with busy families who want their home to be pulled together and functional. It's a strong belief of mine that you can have it both ways! My passion and love for textiles mixed with my clients' trust, allows me to curate a look unique to their lifestyle. I adore telling a client's story through design with both luxury and functionality!


I love the design process! It is definitely a process that takes many different skilled trades to complete. It's always in my interest and my clients’ interest to not only help guide them but also push them a little outside of their comfort zone through the design process allowing for beautiful things to happen!

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Design Process

I offer full service interior design services from concept to completion. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. My areas of expertise for my clients include designing custom window treatments from measure to installation, upholstery and soft goods, custom handmade/bespoke cabinetry and furniture. My design process includes managing each project from the first initial meeting to completion. I'm incredibly proud to work with some of the best trades in Rochester, New York!  



It all starts with a phone call. If we are a good fit for each other we discuss the scope and timeline of your project. After a signed agreement is completed, I present my ideas, visuals and have samples to show you with all the materials for the project.



I manage each and every project along with the skilled trades people I work with. I work with you every step of the way when selecting materials, finishes, furniture, accessories, art, and custom pieces. I handle all the scheduling of trades and manage the overall timeline.



Whether it’s custom window treatments, cabinetry, lighting or flooring, all the materials for your project are installed professionally by the skilled trades people I work with. I style and arrange all of your furniture and decor, giving you a space you will love to live in!

Rachel Clark Designs
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Thank you for reaching out! I'll get back to you within a day!


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